Dead yeast is not a good friend




As everyone knows, yeast is a living organism and have to be stored in a cool dry place. Singapore is definitely not a cool dry place to start with.

I made a mistake by placing the opened bottle of yeast in the cupboard after baking some bread a few months ago. So when I had the “urge” to make another bread, I used the same yeast, thinking it should be fine. But during proofing stage, the dough did not rise at all, not even a centimeter. It just sits there like a paperweight. As an engineer, I had another “urge” to see what happens if I bake the “unrisen” bread. The result came out like this:

fail bread







Although it looks baked on the outside, the internal texture is sticky and “doughy”. It is also very heavy by feel. It cannot be eaten at all.

Dead yeast is not a good friend.. at all.

The lesson for the day:

Always store (opened/unopened) yeast in the deepest darkest corner of the refrigerator. It will save you the embarrassment, wasted time and wasted ingredients.


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